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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the past three weeks alone. >> storm-weary new england is dealing with up to two feet of fresh snow. boston has suspended subway, trolley and commuter rail service today. and more bad weather could hit later this week. >> so that somebody would buy you a ticket, give you the ticket for you to come to see us. >> the woman known as the serial stowaway once again managed to board a plane without a ticket. police say marilyn hartman flew from minnesota to florida where she was arrested yesterday. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning" captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. >> good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00. and we begin with some developing news. a suspect on the loose after allegedly trying to run down an officer from santa clara prompting that officer to open fire. it happened last night on el camino real in sunnyvale. and kpix 5's kiet do is at that intersection in sunnyvale where
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the incident played out. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. an officer-involved shooting is certainly unusual for sunnyvale and for santa clara. but it just goes to show you this kind of stuff can happen anywhere. this all began yesterday evening at 6 p.m. when a santa clara police officer was investigating a car burglary suspect in santa clara. the officer was in an unmarked suv and then followed the mercedes through sunnyvale. the officer pulled the mercedes over at el camino and wolfe road got out walked towards the car and that's when investigators say the driver of the mercedes used it as a weapon. >> the vehicle drove towards the officer at a high rate of speed. officer fearing for his life fired several shots at the vehicle. the vehicle was last seen fleeing northbound on wolfe road. >> just like boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. >> and that was julie barker who ran and took cover inside her home when the shooting began. a second officer on scene lost the suspect they don't have a good description of the suspect
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and they can only say at this point that that white mercedes sedan likely has bullet holes in it. we're live in sunnyvale, kiet do, kpix 5. let's go a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks. it's starting to get crowded at the bay bridge. the metering lights were turned on well before 5:45. so it's definitely earlier so our backups to the maze started on the earlier side. 580 in fact is already slow from 24 but our worst commute is this one that we're flying over now 580 from the altamont pass to the livermore valley. and then it loosens up past vasco. the problem was an earlier crash near portola coming into livermore. you can see what i'm talking about all those sensors below 25 miles per hour from 205 straight through the livermore valley. south bay, we know why it is so slow in san jose. northbound 101 right there approaching the 280/680 interchange reports of a crash. so that's why it's extra slow
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from tully. and then even beyond the accident scene we are seeing a bottleneck at the julian/mckee exit. with the forecast, here's roberta. we are transition from wet to dry but there is hope. we do have a chance of rain returning right here to the bay area a week from tomorrow, next wednesday. but until then, good morning, everybody, heading on out the door you're going to notice the difference. it feels a lot cooler. the air mass is a lot drier. it's not as muggy or subtropical like. 47 degrees in mountain view. good morning in san rafael at 51. a cooler start in napa into vallejo and martinez and benicia and american canyon. today under mostly sunny skies, our high temperatures will top off in the 60s from the low 60s at the beaches to the mid-60s bayside. 66 degrees in san jose. you know, when you take a look at these temperatures they're all above average. in fact, this year, every, single day except for january 1
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to 4 we have had temperatures above average which means this so far is the warmest winter on record here in the bay area and it only gets warmer. thursday regard warmth in the bay area through friday easily, record warmth. valentine's day sunny 68 to 78 degrees. pg&e says only 10 customers who lost power during the weekend storm still don't have it back this morning. in vallejo, the lights are finally back on for 375 customers. their power was knocked out by a falling tree on sunday. >> at least $1,000 worth of meat in my fridge and that's all gone to waste. i can't supply food to my kids, my animals. it's just horrible here. >> pg&e says more than 160,000 bay area customers were affected by the weekend storm. tonight berkeley city
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council will talk about acquire body cameras and dashcam was for the police force to document on video every interaction that officers have at crime scenes. the could you be sill members are expected to ask -- the councilmembers are expected to ask the city manager to come back with a plan within a few months and there will be an independent investigation into protests last fall. a suspected carjacker is hospitalized in los angeles county. [ screeching and sirens ] >> this is cell phone video of one of six collisions that took place all during yesterday's evening commute. police say the man trade to carjack two drivers and actually did force one woman out of her car at gunpoint. [ crying ] >> he was pointing the gun at me. i ran. i was scared. >> the chase began when a police officer tried to pull over a car that had been reported stolen.
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it finally ended in montebello, when man led about a dozen officers on a foot chase. investigators say he brandished a gun and attempted another carjacking prompting officers to open fire on him. it's another arrest for the former san francisco woman known as the serial stowaway. investigators say 63-year-old marilyn hartman got on a plane from minnesota to florida without a ticket. in addition when she got there police say she impersonated a hotel guest to get a room at a resort near jacksonville. they say after she was caught, she slipped away again and took shelter in a room that was being renovated at that resort. police arrested her a number of times at sfo for trying to board flights without tickets. and last year you may recall she got on a flight from san jose to l.a. with no ticket. let's take a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. it's one of the bay area's most frustrating commutes. there are some plans to improve it. it will likely take many years. kpix 5's ryan takeo is live in
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marin county to explain. >> reporter: michelle, the morning commute builds over here into the north bay. it's that afternoon commute heading back to the east bay that's the real problem heading eastbound on the richmond/san rafael bridge. and new numbers show that marin county residents spend an average of 28.6 minutes stuck in traffic. that's slightly higher than the bay area average. a meeting of the bay area council talked about a proposed third lane eastbound. there's room for a third lane but right now it's an emergency shoulder. the total $74 million fix includes a bike lane and will tear down a retaining wall installed years ago. but construction is not slated until 2018. stranded drivers in the evening backup for hours don't have much patience for waiting. >> it's frustrating that our public agencies are unable to get things done more quickly. >> all the politicians are here they want to do something but
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what he said let's scrunch that schedule of timing. >> reporter: after loma prieta, when the bay bridge was closed, there were actually three lanes of traffic on the richmond/san rafael bridge to ease congestion. but after the bay bridge reopened, this bridge went back to two lanes. live in marin county, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> assembly member mark levine introduced a bill to combine the design and environmental review process. it's hoped that would return drivers to a faster commute sooner rather than later. cargo traffic port of oakland remains slow again after a weekend shutdown at 29 west coast shipping facilities. that shutdown all part of a contract dispute between the longshoremen and the pacific maritime association which represents all the shippers and the terminal operators. the slowdown having a big impact on countless businesses including the rice industry. >> we pride ourselves in getting it there on time and delivering on those promises
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that we make. people will find someone who can deliver on time. >> labor negotiations resumed yesterday. the west coast port system handles nearly a trillion dollars in annual trade. happening today, more steps in washington to fight isis. president obama is expected to send congress his blueprint for an updated authorization to use military force against the terrorist group. congressional officials say the white house must deal with democrats who don't want another ground war and republicans who want the option left on the table. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he will travel to washington next month to give a speech to congress on iran. there are calls for him to cancel because it's two weeks before israeli elections which goes against protocol. but house speaker john boehner says netanyahu has a message the american people need to hear now. >> the threat of iran to the reasonable and the rest of the world is a real threat.
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and i believe that the american people are interested in hearing the truth about what's happening in that part of the world. >> a handful of democratic lawmakers plans to skip the speech, calling it inappropriate. it is 6:10 now. the hpv vaccine has some parents worried about unsafe sex since its release. now researchers say whether that concern is warned. $100,000 has been donated for victims of a fire in san francisco. why not all of it will get to victims. >> we have rain back in the forecast. i'll tell you when and i'll also show you when we can expect 80 degrees. >> and mobile units drive around every morning checking hot spots and right now they are seeing slow traffic from mountain house out of tracy, straight on through the
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ]
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i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] good morning. there is your tuesday. taking a look out from sutro tower toward the fair city of san francisco where currently it is 52 degrees. going up to a high today in the low and mid-60s. wow! spectacular here. let's now jump over to the east coast where boston, 18 degrees, it's currently snowing. we have flurries there with a high today of 30. frank, you can tell us more about this. >> i sure can let's take a look. workers in boston are trying to clear another two feet of snow. they have just gotten hammered out there. more than 70 inches have fallen in the past three weeks. that's the most ever recorded in a stretch in 30 days in the city of boston. today all subways, all mass transit is closed for clearing of snow. schools are closed, as well.
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more snow possibly on thursday and friday, too. they have had a heck of a couple of weeks. new study suggests teenaged girls who get the hpv vaccine do not have more unsafe sex than those who do not. critics have expressed concern that after getting the vaccine, girls could become less cautious putting themselves at risk. the study headed up by the harvard medical school researchers says that's not the case at all. the cdc recommends hpv vaccines for children when they're young because they are more effective before the child is sexually active. a san francisco man trying to help people displaced by a fire two weeks ago has spearheaded the raising of $160,000 so far. but how much of that money will they get? kpix 5's cate caugiran tells us, it won't be as much as you think. >> reporter: all these fundraising efforts are for the families who lived in this building here on 22nd and mission and the man behind the fundraising effort says the victims of the mission fire
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will be getting less than what was donated roughly $10,000 less. zack crockett is a writer in san francisco who became a fill lon throw pistachios after he watched this building full of apartments go up in flames. >> took me 10 minutes to set up this page. it was easy. >> reporter: he set up a page to raise money for victims on "go fund me." >> from $2,000 to $5,000, $50,000, $100,000 it keeps going up. >> reporter: now he is aiming for $200,000 hoping to give families at least $10,000 each. >> the one kink in this equation has been, um, go fund me. >> reporter: zack says "go fund me" will take 5% of all donations and we pay will take another 3% on top of that, the payment system. >> i would like to think they would be generous. >> reporter: zack asked the site to wave the fee. "go fund me" said no. tonight at this community
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fundraiser, others are trying to push zack's cause. >> for something like this this is really about community all the money should be going to them. >> reporter: zack is asking for people to reach out to "go fund me" in hopes they might change their minds. >> we're talking about 18 low- income families who have been displaced from their homes. they lost everything they own. every penny counts in this situation. >> reporter: in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> "go fund me" says while they applaud zack's efforts, if they were to waive one fee they would have to waive all fees affecting their operating expenses. if you want to help we set up a link to the "go fund me" site on okay. weather and traffic, liz, you're first out of the gate. how we doing? >> okay. better than yesterday when we had all these high wind advisories and some damp roads. right now we're just seeing the usual commuter traffic trying to get into san francisco over at the bay bridge. the metering lights are turned on early so it's stacked up through the maze since about 6:00. so for the last 20 minutes or so we have seen a lot of
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traffic in the fastrak lanes. this is worst commute. westbound 580 over the livermore valley. accident heading to the livermore livermore approaching portola. you can see where all the backups are. it loosens up past vasco. it is stacked up clear to mountain house in tracy. kcbs has been sending airborne and mobile units all around the area and say it is a grind. so give yourself some extra time or use mass transit. at least if you are heading to the dublin interchange, that area while sluggish does improve. here's a live look near 101 and sfo. if you are heading towards san bruno millbrae obviously no delay. it looks great into san mateo. 280 is also fine. and i want to show you highway 4 because for a long time it was just the commute in antioch right there between hillcrest and "a" street that was backed up. well, now it's just kind of sluggish all the way across from pittsburg-bay point and heading into willow pass and concord. a quick check of the south bay where this crash apparently is still there.
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we are seeing a little bit of improvement on our sensors northbound 101 right before the 280/680 interchange. you can see the biggest backups though are actually ahead of the accident scene right there around that interchange all the way straight out past the julian/mckee exit. guadalupe parkway and 280 though those freeways look great. and here's a live look at 880 in oakland which is moving well. kcbs sent drivers there as well and everything is great heading into downtown oakland. with the forecast, here's roberta. you nailed it liz. yesterday at this time we were talking about damp roads and gusty winds and at this hour the strongest wind is a northeast breeze blowing out the patchy fog. oakland 50. due west to san francisco, it's 52. santa rosa is cleared out from the fog now 41 degrees. okay. here's what we all need to know. today it is mainly clear heading out the door. but you're going to notice it's
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a drier air mass. so it feels cooler. today will be sunny and dry all the way through the president's holiday and we can anticipate bank on high temperatures thursday through saturday. looking at the satellite images, this is an area of low pressure developing in the western pacific. as it goes east, it falls apart. some of these cloud might make it over the ridge of high pressure that's building into the bay area. but it will be mostly sunny as we transition to high pressure. as we're under that influence of high pressure, we're going to see more of a northeast wind and that means an offshore flow. and with that and the very dry conditions, your pollen report, you will feel it. the allergies are coming into play. it's pretty much alder, juniper and birch. statewide today 51 south shore after receiving 15 to 19 inches of snow in the highest elevations. cold enough overnight to make more snow. homewood now opening up for the
6:21 am
holiday. 60s across the board today up to about 69 degrees outside number. otherwise we're talking gradual warming, yes, 80 degrees in gilroy by friday. slight cooling by the holiday on monday. and that is your tuesday forecast. coming up, researchers are finding poor air quality in some unlikely spots in northern california. why they say there's very
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works. the warriors are 41-9. they got one more game left before they hit the all-star break. last night it was philadelphia. an autograph from little league
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world series star mo'ne davis for steph curry. first half tied at 41. curry makes the highlight. sixers were down but they were pesky. warriors shook them loose. shaun livingston, andre iguodala the one-time 76er, put the warriors up 14. they won the game but they did lose draymond green late as he rolled his ankle. x-rays were negative. it is an ankle sprain. they won 89-84. they have minnesota on wednesday. let's drop the puck, shall we? oh, patrick marleau, a little frustrated. they lost four of five. tail end of the opening peer against calgary. brent burns cuts the flames lead in half 2-1. but yuri found the net a third period goal and the flames they have won four of five in this series winning 4-1 and they leap past
6:26 am
san jose for second in the division in this marathon of a season. that will to it for sports at this hour. i'll see you around. play of the day, how about college hoops? we have florida state taking on duke. fsu baseline going dunking with a foul and three upon the play. it's impressive. duke more impressive. they won 73-70. but the seminoles get your play of the day. 6:26. work is under way to bring bullet trains to california. but the massive project may be derailed. we'll explain how. >> reporter: and a car tries to run over another officer according to police. and they open fire on it. i'm kiet do with a live report on how police are now looking for a mercedes full of bul
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a bizarre case of animal cruelty in the east bay. how a flock of birds was killed in what police call a deliberate act. >> reporter: there's a plan to ease one of the worst bay area commutes. but it's a few years away. coming up, we'll tell you what the holdup is. >> speaking of traffic, we have new issues now in walnut creek. we may have not one but two separate accidents along 680. we'll show you what it's doing to the morning drive. that's coming up. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everyone. we are going back up, record highs in the bay area, the day it will hit 80 degrees. >> good morning, tuesday, february 10, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. developing news. a car burglary suspect is at
6:31 am
large after a confrontation that prompted an officer to open fire. it happened last night in el camino real in sunnyvale. kpix 5's kiet do is at the intersection in sunnyvale where the incident happened and where a high-speed chase began. >> reporter: good morning. one of the busiest intersections in sunnyvale is back open this morning and a suspect is on the loose after police say he tried to run over an officer. the unmarked car will police suv had pulled up in front of a car burglary suspect on el camino real near wolfe road just before 6:00 last night. when the officer got out, things literally took a turn for the worse. >> it was just like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: sunnyvale police say as the officer walked toward the suspect as parked car, the driver used his car as a weapon. >> the vehicle drove towards the officer at a high rate of speed. officer, fearing for his life, fired several shots at the vehicle. the vehicle was last seen fleeing northbound on wolfe
6:32 am
road. >> reporter: a second police cruiser stopped behind the suspect car took off but cook keep up. during the chaos, a neighbor had taken cover inside her trailer home. >> i looked tow sky because i thought it was -- i looked to the sky because i thought it was fireworks and my husband threw me inside the rv. >> reporter: they don't have a description of the suspect, don't know how many people were in the car. all police say is that that white mercedes sedan is likely full of bullet holes. live in sunnyvale, kiet do, kpix 5. people forced from two communities ravaged by wild in the eastern sierra are allowed home including 40 homes that were destroyed. the fire started friday afternoon fueled by winds between 50 and 75 miles an hour. the flames scorched 11 square miles. the fire now 95% contained with full containment expected later
6:33 am
today. the cause the fire is under investigation. today drivers in the santa cruz mountains have full access to highway the. a mud slide shut down the road early yesterday morning. the chp had said it might not open until this evening. but it reopened yesterday after caltrans brought in earth movers to clear out the debris. >> they had to work on that hillside to make sure it didn't come tumbling down. with the forecast, here's roberta. >> damp conditions yesterday, scattered showers, winds diminished and we had rainbows and now we're drying out today but we have hopes of rain returning to the area by next wednesday. looking towards the port of oakland, it is 50 degrees. otherwise san jose 45. clear skies san francisco 52 degrees. you will feel the difference.
6:34 am
we have been muggy. now we have dry cool air mass in place. temperatures similar to yesterday from 62 pacifica, 67 oakland. these numbers still well above average for this time of the year. a north wind at 15 miles per hour. this is going to end up being the warmest winter on record in the bay area. record highs anticipated thursday through saturday. dry through the presidents holiday. elizabeth, you're getting busy over there. i know. we have a number of different accidents this morning. this is our latest trouble spot in walnut creek. if you are on 680, 242, those spots are all backed up right now. it's because of a crash in the commute direction southbound 680 at north main. and there may be another accident in the backup. i can hear my producer on the phone with chp right now. here's a live look at the nimitz, 880 in oakland. no delay past the oakland
6:35 am
airport into downtown. and a lovely shot of the golden gate bridge traffic flowing great in both directions between sausalito and san francisco. unfortunately, we cannot say the same for that westbound 580 ride out of the altamont pass. you can see some yellow sensors at least it's actually improving a bit out to the dublin interchange. it was all red socked in through the livermore valley. and a little bit of fog as well closer to dublin. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. commuters who drive it on a daily basis know it can be a bit of a grind. looks okay right now. there are plans, though, to improve that commuter situation. kpix 5's ryan takeo is live in marin county where a fix could take years. ryan, good morning. >> reporter: hey, frank, first things first. what a beautiful sunrise we have. but if you are driving back to the east bay on the evening commute, it's downright ugly! if you are used to this drive from the northbound to the east bay, well, you're used to waiting, but frustrated drivers
6:36 am
have little patience for bureaucracy possibly the biggest logjam in the bay area. trying to get from san rafael to richmond, the daily bridge backup typically runs 7 miles. >> it's difficult. you just sit in your car all the time when you can be done. >> reporter: a proposed third lane eastbound is barreling down the red tape expressway but the total $74 million fix including a bike lane is just a blip on the horizon with construction not slated in 2018. >> it's frustrating that our public agencies are unable to get things done more quickly. >> reporter: a meeting of the bay area council laid out the fix and the timeline. much to the chagrin of stranded drivers who want a faster commute sooner. >> well, if we look, for example, at how quickly the bay bridge earthquake damage was fixed and how quickly the damaged bridge at the maze was fixed, certainly doesn't seem that it should take three years to fix this problem. >> everybody is in favor of this. all the politicians are here.
6:37 am
they want to do something. but what he says, let's scrunch the schedule of timing. >> reporter: there is hope on the horizon to speed this process up. assembly member mark levine has introduced a bill which would combine the design process and the environmental review process. live in marin county, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> it is a gorgeous morning in marin. a key problem with getting that third lane built is a retaining wall that was installed many years ago. that would have to come down. this morning, police are still looking for the person who intentionally drove through a flock of pigeons killing 20 of them. you can see the results of what happened. a few dead bird and some feathers still lie in the parking lot of a public boat launch in vallejo. police say the driver waited for just the right moment to run down flock. >> we came while somebody was feeding the birds. and when they piled up he came and did this, killed as many as
6:38 am
he can and took off. >> it happened so fast, police only have a description of a vehicle speeding away. it was a blue van. animal control is caring for five pigeons who survived. 6:38. a driver accused in a deadly street racing crash in san jose did not enter a plea during a court appearance yesterday. 18-year-old gabriel esparza charged with vehicular manslaughter. prosecutors satisfy i and manuel maldonado avalos going at least 70 miles per hour when they lost control of their cars on yerba buena road last month. one of the cars hit and killed 24-year-old kiran pabla who was jogging at the time. a dispute in the case of a kensington police detective who had his gun stolen during an encounter with a prostitute in nevada. police in reno are doubting the claim by the detective's lawyers that he may have been drugged. they say there's no mention of that in the report sergeant keith barrow filed after the incident in may. barrow was suspended only last week after a story ran in the "oakland tribune." some more information out
6:39 am
now about the alleged kidnapping, rape and robbery of a dominos pizza delivery driver in antioch over the weekend. police got a call from the 22- year-old victim just before noon on sunday said she arrived at a bogus address on bluebell circle to find a teenager waiting for her outside. he pulled out a gun, ordered her to drive to another location, and allegedly attacked her. when she drove him back, he ran away but he didn't get far. >> she, um, was composed -- obviously, shaken up, but composed enough to provide us with very good detailed statement as to what happened which enabled the officers to get enough information to find and arrested suspect. >> that suspect is 17 years old. police say he does have a criminal record. two lawsuits have been filed in an effort to slow down part of california's high-speed rail project. the suits seek further san lorenzo review. it includes several citizens groups and local governments. one suit is against the surface
6:40 am
transportation board, which regulates the nation's railroads. the other is against the peninsula corridor joint powers board which oversees caltrain. researchers at uc-davis say they have found another sort for the state's air pollution. they say heavily polluted air in parts of asia contribute to our poor air quality. the researchers set up sensors on big sur mountaintop where the air should be clean, but it's not. >> he you try to look at all these different measurements to fingerprint where the ozone came from. we definitely think some of it is coming from asia. >> he isn't ready to say how much pollution from asia is getting to the west coast. time now is 6:40. police officers shoot a suspected car thief who left a trail of destruction in southern california. coming up a new witness video takes us right in the middle of all the chaos. >> apple preparing to release its new smartwatch and details
6:41 am
are beginning to trickle
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take a look at the numbers on the screen, because today's highs above average for this time of the year. good morning. forecast high half moon bay, 64 degrees. 67 morgan hill. 65 today in danville through black hawk. north winds 5 to 15 miles an hour across the bay with oakland at 67 degrees. north bay numbers low and mid- 60s. and upstream it goes to lakeport at 67 degrees good morning saint helena forecast high of 67. thanks. san francisco-based clothing retailers see a healthy uptick in sales and the gap is benefiting from strong
6:45 am
performances by a subsidiary. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. certainly a solid quarter for gap in the fourth quarter, the key one for the holidays. its sales were up 3% to $4.7 billion. same-store sales up 2% during that time. and you can give a lot of credit to its old navy chain where sales were up 11%. what meanwhile the flagship gap chain was down 6% banana republic up 1% in the quarter. gas prices rebounding from the past week lows but it could head a lot lower if a city analyst is credit. he says oil could drop to $20 a barrel this area due to rising production in the u.s., brazil, russia and opec countries continuing to cut prices to the asian customers. let's check the big board where we're rebounding from two days of losses. the dow is up 85. nasdaq is up 24.
6:46 am
s&p is up 9. gap is down 1% in the early going. frank and michelle, back to you. >> you, jason brooks from kcbs news. it is 6:46. after a wild chase, several crashes, a suspected carjacker is hospitalized in l.a. county. [ screeching tires and sirens ] >> cell phone video of one of six collisions all happening during yesterday's evening commute. police say the man tried to carjack two drivers and actually did force one woman out of her car at gunpoint. [ crying ] >> he was pointing a gun at me. i stopped the car and ran. i was scared he was going to hur mere.-- me. >> the car ended up in montebello when the man led about a dozen officers on a foot chase. he showed a gun, attempted another carjacking and cops shot him. time now is 6:46.
6:47 am
let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you. we'll go back out to walnut creek. we continue to see accidents popping up in this area so it's hard to confirm even what direction and how many there are. it looks like two southbound and a crash in the backup at treat. the bottom line is it's really slow very backed up right now on 242 and southbound 680 out of concord. if you are heading to the bay bridge, metering lights are on. you can see the approaches are stacked up 580 still heavy from the 24 interchange. and yeah, they are cycling through the metering lights at a relatively slow pace, so they are limiting cars on the bridge. once you get past the tunnel you're fine into san francisco. silicon valley drivers, it hasn't been too bad this morning at least at last check just a little bit of slowing just coming around that bend not quite backed up to zanker yet if you are trying to use that corridor all the way out
6:48 am
to sunnyvale. and in the south bay, northbound 101 we had that one crash into the 280/680 interchange. okay, it's finally clear. we are just seeing the usual slow commute from capitol expressway and then bottlenecking around the 280680 interchange. and then remaining heavy all the way out past 880. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. with the forecast, here's roberta. take a look at this. it is just absolutely pristine. this is a scene and it's compliments of photojournalist gregg welk and ryan takeo looking towards the richmond/san rafael bridge at sun-up. okay, everybody. oooo, isn't that pretty? compare that with what we have going on right now in san francisco. temperatures cooler than they have been in recent days in the 40s and 50s. and we have a lot of dry air mass in place. you're going to feel a little
6:49 am
chill in the air livermore now at 41, santa rosa the fog is already cleared out at 41 degrees so clear out the door. it's going to be sunny and dry today through monday. and then record high temperatures are likely on thursday, friday and saturday. let's get to it. this is an area of low pressure right here. it's been in the development stages over the western pacific and as it advances toward the contiguous 48 states it's falling apart at the seams but some clouds may make it up over the ridge of high pressure and you may see clouds flow by but under the ridge of high pressure that we're now transitioning to out of our stormy weather pattern, we are going to see a dry weather pattern with above average temperatures as we return to more of that northeast flow, that's the offshore flow. so we'll be fog-free and extremely dry so your pollen is going to come into play, you're going to feel it you're going to be itching and if you suffer from allergies as i do, alder, juniper and birch especially by friday.
6:50 am
by sunset, numbers will have topped off in the 60s across the board. but wait! it is a gradual warming trend each day by friday. 80 degrees in gilroy by valentine's day, 68 to 78 degrees. make it a great day. >> thank you. apple is keeping a tight lid on details as the company prepares to unveil its new smartwatch. sharon profis is here from cnet to shed light on things. >> reporter: good morning. it's been a little wild since the initial launch. we announced it last fall. so first a quick recap. the apple watch will launch this april and think of it like an stock exchange of your smartphone. -- like an extension of your smartphone. you can check text messages, music, all from your wrist and other details without pulling out your phone. it will start at $349. that's for the lower end
6:51 am
version of the watch. you will probably see prices go up closer to the $1,000 price point when you're talking about the 18-karat gold apple watch version for the big spenders out there. just hope they don't release a new one within the next year. you will need an iphone to work with the watch. it doesn't work independently. and along those same lines, it doesn't work with android. so you will need an iphone to use the watch. we know about a few other additional features. so we know that it will have a lot of fitness features. it has a built-in heart rate monitor. it has step tracking. it will have plenty of third party apps like nike training running app to work with the apple watch and your iphone. you can use it as remote control. so you have your apple tv set up, you can hit next, skip the channel, whatever and you'll be good to go without reaching for your remote.
6:52 am
and finally of course it will work with apple pay. so we know that you can go to the register hit your watch against the credit card terminal and without reaching for your phone, you will be all set. >> are we getting lazy? everything that that does your phone does, right? >> you say lazy? i say efficient. [ laughter ] >> oh, excuse me. >> you don't need them but they're cool. >> like a lot of apple products, you don't realize you need it until you have it. what i love about it is that it comes in two different sizes so it's one of the first watches to do that where for ladies or for people with smaller wrist you have the smaller size and the larger standard size. >> have you seen what they look like? >> yes. >> it's kind of nice looking? the first ones that came out with other companies were ugly. >> clunky. so yeah, they look nice. they spent a lot of time on the design making sure it looks like something that people would wear otherwise. so that's what i appreciate about it. however, you know, we'll have
6:53 am
to see it in real life before we can decide. >> it looks cool. thank you. >> i'll buy two. >> one for me. it is 6:53 now. coming up, the latest snowstorm to hit new england smashing records paralyzing transportation in new england. the emergency measures now in place. >> reporter: and a suspect is on the loose after police say he tried to run an officer over. they opened fire on him. i'm kiet do with a live report on ♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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i love my shows, but i can't just sit around all day. that's why i have xfinity. their cloud based dvr lets me take everything i recorded, anywhere i go. which is perfect for me, [whispering] because i have responsibilities. ...i mean that's really interesting, then how do you explain these photos?! [people gasping] objection your honor. sustained. with the x1 dvr library you could take anywhere, xfinity is perfect for people on the go. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at five things to know at the :55. president obama is defending his decision not to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu next month. the president decide the upcoming israeli -- cited the
6:57 am
upcoming israeli elections as the reason behind the decision. he says he doesn't want it to seem like the u.s. is influencing israel politics. today the president is expected to ask congress for new authority to use force against isis in the middle east. this would be the first time the white house has asked for formal authorization. president obama reportedly seeking approval for a three- year campaign. up to two feet of fresh snow fell in new england yesterday adding to the misery for that region. the boston area is under a state of emergency. schools are closed and government workers are told to stay home. another storm could bring more snow on thursday. and the woman known as the cereal serial stowaway flew from minnesota to florida. she has been'srd a number of times for flying without a ticket. >> the police department was
6:58 am
accused of excessive force for tear gas and rubber bullets on protestors in december. advocates hope body cameras will lead to greater accountability. and i'm kiet do live in the city of sunnyvale one of the city's busiest intersections back open this morning and a suspect is on the loose after police say he tried to run an officer down. this all began yesterday evening at 6 p.m. when a santa clara police officer was investigating a car burglary suspect in santa clara. that officer was in an unmarked suv and followed the mercedes to sunnyvale. that officer then pulled the mercedes over at el camino real and wolfe road got out and walked towards the car and investigators say the driver of the mercedes used it as a weapon. >> the vehicle drove towards the officer at a high rate of speed. officer fearing for his life fired several shots at the vehicle. the vehicle's last seen fleeing northbound on wolfe road. >> just like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: that was julie barker who took cover inside her home when the shooting
6:59 am
began. a second officer arrived on scene tried to chase the suspect about lost him. there is no description of the suspect. the white mercedes sedan is probably full of bullet holes. in sunnyvale, kiet do, kpix 5. a last check of your kcbs morning drive. it's ugly trying to get out of walnut creek. southbound 680 at north main that wreck is still there blocking a lane. there was another accident in the backup. they got that one cleared to the right-hand shoulder but look at that. huge delays on 242 and 680 coming out of concord. >> you're talking about that accident in walnut creek. i just received a message that we have fog limiting visibility down to a quarter mile or less around the sunol grade at 680 into the pleasanton area. we have clear skies in san francisco and in oakland. livermore is even reporting clear skies now at 44 degrees. it is cooler out the door this morning. temperatures very similar to yesterday. 62 to 69. but then it's gradual warming each day with record warmth by the end of the workweek.
7:00 am
>> that would be the weekend. >> and the holiday. >> yes. >> and the holiday. valentine's day. th good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, february 10th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." record setting snow shuts down boston and more on the way. a showdown in alabama. the state's top judge defies a federal order to allow same sex merge marriages. and steve carell cracks us up but now he is serious. he is in the studio with us. and we have today's eye opener. the world in 90 seconds. >> i'm done with the snow. >> you shovel again and you shovel again and you shovel again. >> snow


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